Comfort Care Materials

“Bless the happy hands who create the caps”
Barbara, a cancer patient who received a Knit Michigan cap

Chemo Caps

Generally, any hat that covers enough of the head can qualify as a “chemo cap.” Caps may be for men, women, teens or children. We frequently hear that more mens caps are needed.

A cancer patient’s head is very sensitive. It actually hurts when chemo causes hair loss. Therefore, your yarn must be soft. If the yarn or cap feels harsh to your hands: STOP. This is not a good choice of yarn. Caps determined to not meet the softness criteria are donated to other worthy local charities.

Caps do NOT have to be machine washable. It IS important that the care label state how it should be treated.

Be creative. Would you wear the hat? Some hats can be simple and are used for sleeping. Some can be whimsical, some pretty, some handsome. Cancer patients already feel awful – the caps are an opportunity to help someone feel better about themself.

Caps may be knitted, sewn or crocheted. They may include beads or embellishments as long as they don’t interfere with the inner surface of the cap.

Heads are smaller without hair, but heads come in all sizes.

Since there is no hair to frame the face and soften the hat color, color is important. Some yellows and greens are just not flattering for many cancer patients, no matter the color of their skin. If using these colors, soften them with the addition of other colors to better flatter the face.


Please use pre-washed fleece (such as Polar Fleece™) finished with a crochet trim. The entire blanket should be machine washable and dryable. A knotted edge fleece blanket is not recommended.


Pillows can be made of 100% pre-washed cotton or fleece. Please, no decorations or embellishments. They should be filled with polyester fiber fill.


Machine washable yarn is preferred, but not necessary. Please stuff with polyfill. Label appropriately.


Each comfort item must be tagged with a Knit Michigan care label.
Comfort Tag Click the tag below to print to your printer. Use heavy paper/card stock if possible. If you print on both sides of the paper, you will make eight labels.